Nashville Recording Artist


About Me

I was the first of two children born to a hard working couple in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Family stories say that I was singing before I was talking. I've been in numerous choirs throughout my life including academic, religious and historic choirs! I'm very proud to still be a member of the oldest continuously operating choral society in America, The Old Stoughton Music Society.

I started formal vocal lessons at 10 years old and continued them through college. I also participated in my local musical theater group as well as all of my schools theater clubs, choirs, instrumental & marching bands. I can play the clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, piano, keyboard & guitar. I began songwriting in middle school and haven't stopped yet.

In 2020, I was contacted by SSM Records in Nashville who had heard some of the material that I had put out on social media during Covid. They wanted to sign me immediately, even if we were not sure when we would be able to record again.

 In 2021, I was able to go to Nashville to record with SSM records & release my first single  " What's Going On With You" . This song was called a mix of a heartfelt ballad & an upbeat girl power country song by reviewers.

My second single "Love of Your Life" was released by SSM Records in 2023 on 14 Worldwide Streaming Services and it began to rise quickly on the charts. It landed a spot on the Top 40 in the Country Music Chart; The Top 25 in digital plays & was the # 8 most requested song in New England according to New Music Weekly. This song has changed my life. I now truly believe that dreams can come true. I've heard from people across the country and around the world, some as far away as Australia, who have told me that they love my song. It brings me such joy and happiness to hear that. 

I don't have the words to actually express how grateful I feel. 

All I can say is Thank You; Thank You; Thank You.